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Meet Caleb Diepersloot

When did you start working at Kingsburg Orchards?

I began working at Kingsburg Orchards when I was very young. I don’t really remember the exact time in my life, but my dad would get me out there and show me the ropes.

Over the years, what process or technology do you think has been most helpful? Why?

A Christmas Poem

I wrote this back in 2009 and as we get into the holiday spirit full swing around here, I thought I'd reach back into the archives and share it with you:

It’s the week before Christmas here at Kingsburg Orchards,
And not a single employee feels like they’ve been tortured.
From the salesmen to shipping to our filing clerks,
We’re enjoying the season and all of its perks.

Tatura Trellis Systems

If you drive past our orchards, you will find that many of our trees are growing in a 'V' shape. There are many reasons for this, including increased sunlight into the center of the tree, which leads to improved and more even crop production, better flavor because of the extra nutrients this sunlight provides and various other factors. This style of trellis was developed in Australia and is called the Tatura Trellis System. Our grower, Brent, explains more:

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving: The development of an attitude of gratitude for what you have been given

For those of you who follow us on Twitter, you may have seen our November 1st post, but if not I'll quote it here: "Start the month off right: make a list of 5 things you are thankful for today. Add 1 thing each day until Thanksgiving. Share your list."

Chef's Corner: Michael Maddox

Our friends at the American Academy of Chefs and the American Culinary Federation will be creating some fabulous recipes for us, which will be featured on our Chef's Corner on a rotating basis - as well as a little bit about each of them. Our featured guest  for fall 2011- summer 2012 was Chef Michael Maddox of Le Titi De Paris in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

The Next Generation: Stetson

Stetson loves life on the ranch and has a constant companion in his white lab, Spit. He just turned 2, and is at that stage where every fruit is an “apple” and he wants to do everything just like his dad. Whether this is picking fruit from the orchards outside their house for his mom, or hopping on his battery-operated quad to “change the water” (a process of driving a few rows from the house and tapping on the water tank) or just sitting on the tractors and pretending to shift gears and haul fruit to the shed - this little man is happy to be a farmer-in-training.