Our Philosophies

George lives his life based on the philosophies handed down from his father and grandfather. Here are a few of his favorites, and what they mean to our company:

“Don’t beat a dead horse; get off it.” or “We’ve got to get a new horse to ride.”

When something isn’t working, don’t expect our company to sit around waiting for it to get better. We are constantly working on ideas to improve our productivity - which has led to innovations such as adopting the Tatura V-trellis system and APPLE ONE pruning machinery. It is also one of the driving forces behind our commitment to flavor and the development of new proprietary varieties.

“You don’t go broke in the bad years, you go broke in the good years.”

This philosophy got our family through the depression and recession, and applies to much more than your finances. The basic principle is that when times are bad, you watch your things more carefully. What gets you in trouble is when things are running smoothly and you lose focus of the big picture. Farming is an investment in the future. We must protect our trees and balance our environmental impact in order to pass our farming heritage on to future generations. Trees take at least 3 years post-planting to produce a marketable level of fruit, so it involves knowing when and what to plant based on projected markets. Tree fruit farming is also very labor-intensive, so even picking the fruit is an investment, as you are not compensated until after the fruit is sold. Each decision we make on the farm is strategically focused on our company’s vision for the future.

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