Consumer Testimonials

Just wanted to comment that I really, really love your fruit, especially the Sugar Tree Pluots.  I have been a major league fruit eater all of my life and until recently I had never paid attention to the "brand" of the fruit I was purchasing.  But now I do, that's for sure.  Anything with the Sugar Tree label on it gets first preference during my shopping.  Your fruit is incredibly sweet, so delicious.  I am impressed! 

Nancy E.


My name is Cathy D. I have a 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. I went to the grocery store the other day and noticed these little pluots called “Dino Eggs”. I thought how clever, my son loves dinosaurs! This summer we have been stopping at a lot of “corner stands” to try different fruits and vegetables. My son will try anything once! Well he has recently discovered a love for plums!!! I thought since the “dino eggs” were in the plum section of our grocery store I would buy one and try it out. So for lunch today I said “Eli i got you a Dino Egg!” OF course he thought it was funny and neither of us knew what to expect. He, being the daring one, tried it first and his eyes lit up. “I LOVE THESE THINGS!” So of course I had to try, (I am very picky eater and don't like much fruit or vegetables). I loved it too. So of course here comes my little girl “What are you guys eating?” I said “Dino Eggs.” She, being the one who doesn't try anything, reluctantly took a bite. And she loved it too. I saw your sticker on the pluot with your website and so of course we got on right away and we read about them and your company.
Now we are on our way to the grocery to get more!!! A fruit our WHOLE family likes is amazing! I don't want to run out of them.
Thank you soo much and we love DINO EGGS!
Cathy D.



I am a customer of a fruit and veggie market in Clearwater Florida and I HAD to write to let you know that I bought some White Flesh Nectarines produce by you.  I have NEVER, EVER tasted anything SO fantastic before.  I know they’re not, but were so good that I thought, “these have to be organically grown”. At any rate, a BIG THANK YOU for a little taste of “Heaven on Earth”.
Jo G.

Hey, I found your web address stuck to my nectarine, so I thought I’d e-mail you to tell you how much I enjoyed it.  I bought the white flesh type, because I’d never had them before.  I’m not even really a nectarine fan, but those were delicious.  I had to eat mine over the sink because it was so juicy.  Keep up the good work!
- Katie K.

Hi y'all! I just wanted to give y'all a big shoutout from Virginia! Me and my kids love your flying saucer fruit! I'm so glad I stumbled upon it at our local Wal-Mart! Thanks!
- Shannon U.

Just finished eating a white nectarine that I purchased yesterday at Foodland here in Honolulu and it was GREAT!  Thanks!
- Adele A.

Just purchased some of your Apple Pears and I had to let you know it is a fantastic fruit. I hope you can put this delicious tasting fruit in every grocery store around the country. Keep up the good work.
- Judy C.


After being disappointed so many times with peaches that looked OK but tasted like cotton or were hard as a rock and green around the pit, I saw your peaches at Randazzo and thought I'd give it one more try. They looked beautiful, not sprayed red, and they actually smelled like a peach.. what the heck! I was so hopeful I tried it right there in the parking lot!! It was FANTASTIC!!!! The taste was out of this world, the pach was ripe all the way to the pit, so juicy and flavorful! I have to tell you I got right out of hte car, went back inside the store, and bought 10 pounds of your great peaches!!! I will be looking for your brand in the future. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!
- Mary Ann M.
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