Entertaining: Tea Time

Like many girls, my love of tea began at a very young age. In kindergarten, my mom would have an afternoon tea set up in this little breakfast nook we had in the kitchen when I got home after riding the bus. She'd have my brothers play in the other room so we could have girl time to talk about my day. We had Vivaldi's Four Seasons in the CD player, something to eat alongside our cup of tea - whether it be cookies, scones, or little tea sandwiches - and share the highlights of our day. I absolutely loved that time of day. Tea parties with my friends ranged from picnics with iced tea, to Earl Grey & sandwiches, to bowls of ramen with green tea. I LOVED tea time.

And as with many people, my fondness for tea time has followed me into adulthood. I love that the art of tea and hospitality is far reaching - from the formal, intricate and meaning-laden ceremonies in Japan and China, to massive kettles of tea brewed with sugar served in the tents of the Bedouin tribes, to the Swedish fika, the Russian Samovar, to the English high tea - and even the types of tea you can enjoy have such varied flavor. Rooibos in South Africa, Chai in India, Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, Hibiscus, Peach, Mint, Lavendar, smoky Russian blends - there is a flavor for everyone to enjoy, whether you like it hot or iced.

June is the perfect month for outdoor or indoor tea parties - or just incorporating an afternoon tea break into your day like the English. 


Apple Pear Pecan Tea Sandwich Apple Pear & Turkey Tea Sandwich
Ham & Yellow Peach Tea Sandwich Classic Cucumber Tea Sandwich
White Nectarine Scones Fruit Butter
Fruit Infused Waters Apricot Almond Cake


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