White Flesh Tree Fruit - You'll wish it was summertime all year long

Here is one more reason to look forward to summertime...fresh California white flesh fruit from Kingsburg Orchards. With a creamy white interior and all the sweetness you desire in a peach or nectarine, the flavor will make you wish it was summertime all year long. As a premier supplier of fresh California white flesh peaches and nectarines, Kingsburg Orchards goes to great lengths in growing and harvesting only the best eating varieties. Each carefully hand-packed carton is filled with high color, high sugar, smooth textured, ready-to-eat white flesh fruit.

So what is the biggest difference between white and yellow flesh fruit? The acidity. White flesh peaches and nectarines are sub-acid, which give them a very mellow sweetness that tastes more sugary. In comparison, the acidity of yellow flesh fruit gives them a sweet but tangy kick to their flavor. The flavor profile of white flesh stone fruits can range from sugary-sweet to herbal. They are excellent in homemade ice cream and jams.

We take great care to ensure our white flesh fruit makes it to you in peak condition. They are much more fragile than yellow varieties, and are prone to easy bruising. In the field, we tissue pick our white flesh varieties, ensuring they are cushioned for their ride from the field to our packing facility and that they don't pick up finger bruises from handling. Then, in the packing shed, they are packed with cushions in the boxes for their final ride to your local store. So rather than squeezing them to test for ripeness (which is only a way to test for squishy-ness not sweetness), sniff the area near the stem - if it smells sweet, it's ready for you to eat.



White Peach Variety Types Availability
Snow Angel 5/1
Spring Snow 5/11
Jullie White 5/25
Ivory Queen 6/3
Ivory Princess 6/4
Pearl Princess 6/17
Snow Blaze / Klondike 6/23
Ice Princess 6/25
Summer Sweet 6/30
Snow Princess 7/9
Glacier White 7/15
Snow King 7/16
Snow Giant 7/26
Sugar Crisp 8/1
Red Giant 8/1
Snow Gem 8/10
September Snow 8/11
Ivory Rose 8/20
Full Moon 8/28
Snow Magic 8/30
* Proprietary Varieties are shown in Bold Italics


White Peach Flat Variety Types Availability
May Flying Saucer 5/9
Galaxy Flaying Saucer 5/29
Pink Flying Saucer 8/14
Late Flying Saucer 8/14
* Proprietary Varieties are shown in Bold Italics


White Nectarine Variety Types Availability
May Pearl 5/11
Polar Ice 5/15
Polar Pearl 5/25
Arctic Star 5/25
Sugar Pearl 6/8
Honey Pearl 6/8
Spring Pearl 6/11
Kay Pearl 6/19
Candy Pearl 6/21
Crimson Pearl 6/23
Grand Pearl 6/28
Fire Pearl 7/6
Arctic Queen 7/14
Red Pearl 7/25
Arctic Pride 8/1
Giant Pearl 8/5
August Pearl 8/5
Snow Pearl 8/6
Arctic Snow 8/15
Arctic Mist 8/25
* Proprietary Varieties are shown in Bold Italics


White Nectarine- Flat Variety Types Availability
Flying Saucer 6/14
* Proprietary Varieties are shown in Bold Italics


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