Plums are known for their firm texture, juiciness, and tangy skin. Their skin colors range from yellow, to red, to black, and they have yellow or red flesh. The two major types of plums are Japanese and European varieties. Japanese plums are typically round or heart shaped and become ripe towards the beginning of the season, and European varieties are oval shaped and ripen later in the season. Plums are available from May through November. They are high in Vitamins C, K, and A and are a good source of fiber. The red-fleshed varieties are also high in antioxidants.




Black Plum Variety Types Availability
Black Beauty 5/14
Black Ice 5/20
Ebony Diamond 5/22
Black Nectar 5/25
Ebony Treat 7/1
Howard Sun 8/14
Angeleno 8/24
Ebony Jewel 8/25
* Proprietary Varieties are shown in Bold Italics


Red Plum Variety Types Availability
Early Queen 5/14
Red Nectar 6/2
Crimson Jewel 6/2
Ruby Red 6/13
Yummy Giant 6/13
Fortune 7/22
Sierra Red 7/28
Flavor Treat 8/15
Crimson Diamond 9/5
September Yummy 9/14
Autumn Beaut 9/21
Autumn Red 11/19
* Proprietary Varieties are shown in Bold Italics



Special Plum Variety Types Availability
Honey Suckle Rose 7/15
Emerald Beaut 8/30
* Proprietary Varieties are shown in Bold Italics





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