The Eating Experience

A good eating experience is the single most important factor influencing customers to purchase and repurchase fruit.  A poor eating experience will - surveys show - prevent a prospective customer from buying fruit for 3 to 4 weeks!  It’s flavor and only flavor that will make us successful in the future.  This is why Kingsburg Orchards is focusing so strongly on our Research and Development program.  We are in a never-ending search with our exclusive plant breeder to find the most “Consistently Great Eating Fruit”. We devote some of our total acreage each year to plant new varieties.  If they don’t perform, we take them out and start over.  It is our desire that when you buy a piece of fruit from our orchards, you’ll never have to guess if it’s going to be good.  Leave it to us!

Picking at the right time gives the fruit its full opportunity to mature. Nutrient content and texture, not to mention flavor, only reach their peak in their last days on the tree. A rush to market for better prices doesn’t produce a happy consumer! Our fruit does better on and off the shelf, because it is mature and tree-ripened.
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