Exclusive Varieties

Today’s consumer is more sophisticated than ever, demanding fruit that eats better, looks better, and lasts longer. At Kingsburg Orchards, we have accepted this challenge by investing heavily in our own exclusive nursery program – a program that focuses on creating new proprietary varieties, perfecting plant husbandry and improving orchard management. The result? A future that looks very bright, indeed, as we strive to grow consistently great eating, superior looking, long-lasting fruit. It’s more than a goal, it’s a commitment. From Kingsburg Orchards to you.

We have searched the world over, looking for the most flavorful and unique fruit varieties we could find. We began this search decades ago and it has only been in the last few years that we have been able to reward our customers with the volume we have worked hard to develop. In the past, once we found, researched, tested, planted, waited 3 1/2 years to see volume, marketed and delivered, we had our competitors waiting to jump on our coattails the very next year!

Though many have tried to deliver our quality and consistency of product, most tend to chase price instead of the consumer longevity that is generated by the eating experience we deliver. What happens when there are farmers and marketers that will pick and sell too early? The fruit is still sour or immature. It doesn’t last as long on the shelf, has less nutrient content and very little flavor… but they fly off the shelf because people have been trained that fruit that looks like ours should taste like ours. When it doesn’t, consumers think that the next time they purchase, it will also be a bad purchase. Research shows a bad flavor experience means that customer won’t be purchasing stone fruit again for at least 10 days.

After seeing this play out to everyone’s detriment, we decided to do something drastic that would change the industry forever. No longer should the consumer suffer or be misled by looks that can’t live up to their expectations! When we found a variety that was so special and unique, we partnered with the man who developed it, and closed the door behind us. Once we had control of the individual variety, we could grow it, nurture it, and harvest it exactly how we wanted in order to deliver the absolute best to our buyers and their consumers. Year in and year out, we can now deliver consistency and people will make repeat purchases because of our superior quality. Our fruit delivers the flavor and shelf life our consumers are looking for, and we won’t let that be destroyed by uncontrolled or impatient hands. Our growers are family, with the same goals and farming practices handed down from generation to generation, and that is something we don’t plan on changing.

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