PLU Codes

PLU codes, or "Price Look Up" codes, are the 4-5 digit codes found on the stickers that are attached to each piece of fruit. These numbers are used at the store level to help store clerks identify the product in their system. Different regions sometimes require more specific descriptions to enable them to run special pricing on particular items, which is why some of the items appear to have an overlap. For example, all of our fruit is California grown but we have a PLU code for yellow peaches and CA yellow peaches. What is the difference? Nothing. Both are California grown, but some of the stores we sell to may carry Georgia or Texas grown peaches alongside our CA grown peaches and require separate PLU codes so they can put one variety on sale at a different time of the season than the other, and some stores just want a generic peach PLU code for all the peaches they carry. We sell to small stores and to large stores and they all have different information capacities, so we have the codes - and the fruit - to fit their needs.

Looking for organically grown fruit? Look for PLU Codes that begin with '9' followed by 4 other digits. 

PLU Code Size Commodity
3035 Large White Nectarine
3044   Black IS Apricot (Black Velvet Apricot and Blue Velvet Apricot)
3113   Flat White Peach
3115   Flat Yellow Peach
3117   Yellow Peach
3126   Plumcot
3174   Black Plum
3195   50/50 Peacharine*
3204   Midnight Jewel Pluot*
3211   Lone Star Pluot*
3229   Pluot*
3254   Strawberry Peach*
3255   Raspberry Jewel Pluot*
3278   Mottled Pluot
3280 Jumbo CA Kiwifruit
3313   Tree Ripe White Peach
3369   Red Flesh Nectarine
3375   Red Flesh Peach
3422   CA Aprium
3439   Flat White Nectarine
3609   CA Red Pluot
3610   CA Green Pluot
3611   CA Black Pluot
3614   Red IS Apricot
4017 Large Granny Smith Apple
4030   CA Kiwifruit
4035 Small CA Yellow Nectarine
4036 Large CA Yellow Nectarine
4037 Small CA Yellow Peach
4038 Large CA Yellow Peach
4039 Small CA Black Plum
4040 Large CA Black Plum
4041 Small CA Red Plum
4042 Large CA Red Plum
4044 Large Tree Ripe Yellow Peach
4046 Small CA Avocado
4133 Small Gala Apple
4135 Large Gala Apple
4139 Small Granny Smith Apple
4188 Small CA White Nectarine
4218   CA Apricot
4225 Medium CA Avocado
4378 Large Tree Ripe Nectarine
4399   Flat Yellow Peach
4400 Small CA White Peach
4401 Large CA White Peach
4407   Yellow Apple Pear
4408   Brown Apple Pear
4427   Persimmon (American Variety)
4435 Emerald Beaut Green Plum
4440 Large Tree Ripe Plum
4444   Red Plum*
4770 Large CA Avodado
4890   Yali Apple Pear

* These items are Retailer Assigned, or numbers that retailers can use to differentiate varieties at the store level. If this number is on our product, this description is what the item is, but if it is not our fruit, it could represent something else.

If you are looking to find out specific varieties, we cannot help you at this time, but your produce manager may be able to. The reason for this is that depending on the time of year, we could be selling more than 5 varieties of red pluots in the same week. We can tell you it is a red pluot from the PLU code, but not the actual variety. However, the variety name and other traceability information is always printed on side of the box that the fruit is shipped in and that the produce manager has access to (unless they emptied the box to fill their display and have recycled it already, in which case finding out the varietal information falls into that store's food safety protocols). 

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