A Christmas Poem

I wrote this back in 2009 and as we get into the holiday spirit full swing around here, I thought I'd reach back into the archives and share it with you:

It’s the week before Christmas here at Kingsburg Orchards,
And not a single employee feels like they’ve been tortured.
From the salesmen to shipping to our filing clerks,
We’re enjoying the season and all of its perks.

The trees are all nestled within the fog bed,
While visions of Dino Eggs dance in Mike J’s head.
Their branches are storing the necessary sap,
To bring lots of fruit after their long winter nap.

The new season’s upon us with air shipments from Chile,
To keep them ourselves would just simply be silly.
So call up your sales rep and place your order,
They may even decorate it with a festive border!

The time for our office party is drawing near,
And amidst all the bustle, one thing is clear:
We’re looking forward to salad that includes Apple Pear,
And hope that the maker is willing to share.

Brent’s new persimmon has also caused quite a stir,
To other varieties, these we much prefer.
To enjoy these red beauty’s there’s no need to wait -
Though they make yummy cookies if you reach them too late.

The office is decorated with the utmost in care
And Johnny D is quite often seen there.
As the lights in the entry twinkle and glisten,
You’ll be sure to hear laughter if you care to listen.

With the season upon us and everyone in a hurry,
We hope you won’t find yourself in a snow flurry;
As your White Christmas means snow and Yule log,
While ours means blanketed in Tule Fog.

As we pack our things to head out for the day,
The shipping team loads trucks with minimum delay.
And as the sun sets across the land,
The team leaves the office with keys in their hand.

George jumps in his truck with his big hearty laugh,
And drives out of the lot with a wave to the staff.
And we heard him shout out as he drove out of sight,
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”



For those of you unfamiliar with Tule fog, it is an unusual local phenomenon caused after we receive any rain: damp, cool evenings follow warm afternoons and as the warm air rises, it traps the cold wet air in our valley.  Here is what it looks like: