Eating healthy is a key factor to living a healthy livestyle. The USDA now recommends that in order to maintain a balanced diet, you should fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruit makes a healthy snack, or even a dessert replacement. This is especially great for those of you with a sweet tooth - our fruits are full of natural sugars, as well as fiber, Vitamin C, and antioxidants.

Red flesh plums, as well as our pluots, have been getting more attention lately. The reason for this is because of studies that show how high the antioxidant levels are in red flesh plums. Our red flesh plums contain about the same amount of antioxidants as a handful of blueberries, if not more.

When people eat blueberries, they tend to eat just a few at a time, but when a person eats a plum, they will eat the whole thing all at once and get the full nutritional benefit. Along with antioxidants, our red flesh plums have phytonutrients which are associated with disease prevention.

If you are looking for the nutritional value of a specific fruit, please see its product page.

If you are looking for creative ways to increase your fruit and veggie consumption, be sure to check out our recipe section or our Pinterest boards!

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