Pluots and Plumcots - A Summertime Favorite

Over the past several years, DINOSAUR BRAND® and CAMO BRAND® Pluots from Kingsburg Orchards have become a much anticipated summertime favorite for many consumers. With nearly 30 varieties in production, we now regard these unique & tasty fruits as a cornerstone of our summer program. One of our fruit breeders realized early on that by crossing plum and apricot varieties, we were able to create a piece of fruit that is much sweeter and more tantalizing that those from which it was created. Whether it’s the explosive flavor of the Flavor Grenade® or the tropical taste of the Dinosaur Egg®, Kingsburg Orchards has a pluot to captivate even the most particular palate.


Pluot Variety Types   Availability
Spring Flavor R 5/12
Sugar Jewel R 5/15
Rosetta Royale R 5/15
Flavorosa B 5/18
Black Nectar B 5/20
Flavor Royal B 5/22
Sugar Red R 5/30
Cinnamon Red R 6/1
Cinnamon Sweet R 6/2
Tropical Treat R 6/2
Amigo B 6/10
Striped Beauty R 6/10
Honey Red Dino M 6/14
Dapple Supreme M 6/20
Flavor Majesty R 6/22
Raspberry Splendor R 6/22
Dapple Dino M 6/24
Dapple Splendor M 6/24
Black Raspberry B 6/25
Crimson Beauty R 6/29
Janelle Supreme R 7/1
Black Ruby B 7/3
Flavor Queen G 7/4
Raspberry Gold M 7/7
Ebony Sweet B 7/10
Dinosaur Egg M 7/11
Emerald Sweet/Grenade G 7/13
Early Dapple M 7/15
Lone Star R 7/20
Golden Goose Y 7/20
Red Phoenix R 7/20
Dapple Phoenix M 7/20
Mango Tango Y 7/21
Crimson Treat R 7/21
Midnight Sweet B 7/21
Flavor King R 7/21
Flavor Heart B 7/22
Dragon Tears M 7/22
Sierra Rose R 7/22
Raspberry Jewel R 7/24
Candy Stripe R 7/24
Ebony Gold B 7/29
Big Daddy R 7/26
Sugar Heart R 7/29
Crimson Star R 8/1
Fruit Punch R 8/1
Raspberry Red R 8/3
King Rosa R 8/5
Midnight Jewel B 8/10
Black Honey B 8/10
Honey Punch R 8/16
Black Night B 8/21
Autumn Honey Dino M 8/21
Moonlight Mist B 8/25
Ruby Punch R 8/25
Crimson Dandy R 9/1
Red Dapple M 9/2
Raspberry Sweet R 9/2
Flavor Fall R 9/12
Sierra Honey G 10/1
* Proprietary Varieties are shown in Bold Italics



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