Five Generations of Farming for Flavor

The Jackson family began farming in England in 1813, eventually bringing their legacy across the Atlantic - first to Tennessee, then to California. George’s father, Hershel, settled the family in Kingsburg, California, where they have remained ever since. The family farming tradition is alive and well today at Kingsburg Orchards. They are the largest family owned and operated grower, packer, and shipper of stone fruit in California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley.

Despite its long history and significant size, Kingsburg Orchards is able to quickly adapt to meet the demands of today’s sophisticated consumer. The company is considered an industry leader in the production of such unique varieties as Apple Pears, white-flesh peaches, white-flesh nectarines, pluots, and apriums.
Kingsburg Orchards invests heavily in its own exclusive nursery program - a program that focuses on creating new proprietary varieties, perfecting plant husbandry and improving orchard management. All to grow consistently great eating, superior looking, long-lasting fruit.

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