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The Wall Street Journal

Hybrid fruit - like our peacharines, pluots, apriums, and Velvet Series apricots - are once again in the spotlight! The Wall Street Journal just released their article on them today. Check out the article, the video, or slideshow! The link to the article: http://on.wsj.com/qChgiA (will deactivate soon, so check it out while it's available!) If the video below does not play, see this link: http://online.wsj.com/video/trying-to-breed-better-fruit/8ECD9BAD-E33A-476D-A459-797A621C6C6C.html

Entertaining with Your Senses

Throwing a great party is all about the experience your guests have. We experience life through our senses, so let your senses be your guide as you plan your event!


You’ve got your guest list and your date set, so the next thing to think about is theme and centerpieces.

A Salute to our Troops

There are few things less conquerable than the American spirit - hard work, loyalty, dedication, and perseverance are the foundations on which our “liberty, freedom, and justice for all” have been built. Our servicemen and women not only embody these ideals, but give of themselves to provide others with the right to claim them as well.

This season celebrates the Independence day of our nation, and therefore brings an increased awareness of the sacrifice of our troops - both those still in service and those who have passed before us.


Each year I anxiously await the arrival of the first apricots of the season. There is something so wonderful about their tangy sweetness and the way you can pull them in half with your fingers. I had a tree of them that grew in the orchard outside of my window growing up and it is almost magical watching them slowly transform from fuzzy lime green stones into succulent honey-orange orbs.