Apple Pears

The Apple Pear is a relatively new fruit to most people, although they have been grown here since the Gold Rush days, when Chinese miners planted them in the foot hills of the Sierra Nevadas. For the most part, Apple Pear varieties are round in shape with white flesh giving them the appearance and texture similar to an apple. They have a refreshing pear flavor.  There is no need for store-level ripening… Apple Pears ripen on the tree and are ready to eat when harvested. The long storage life of the Apple Pear is one of its strong marketing points… they will “store” for 10 to 14 days at room temperature; three to four weeks in the crisper of a refrigerator, and up to three or four months in a commercial cold storage facility. George Jackson, owner/grower of Kingsburg Orchards grows approximately 60 percent of the US Apple Pear crop. Along with his passion and experience comes new varieties like the Crunchy Gold Apple Pear. Kingsburg Orchards is proud to be recognized as the industry leader in Apple Pears.

The Apple Pear has a wide range of uses. They are a fantastic back to school item because they don’t turn brown like your typical apple. They are quite possibly the perfect fruit for your perfect little one. Its sweet flavor and crunchy texture make it a perfect healthy addition to any lunchbox. Apple Pears also make an elegant solution at a dinner party or watch them disappear from the table during a football game.  Either way, Apple Pears are sure to excite your guests' taste buds.


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