Peacharine Downloads (Private)

These photos have been authorized by Kingsburg Orchards to be downloaded by authorized users (your company) to be utilized in the advertizing and marketing of Kingsburg Orchards' products in your company's publications, including printed, published online, or created in video form. If your marketing department requires photography releases or requires different images, please contact either Jillian or Michael in marketing.

Flavor profiles will vary based on the palate of the person eating the fruit, as well as by natural variation between pieces  - if you feel a description is inaccurate, please send us your description to add as an alternative profile.

More photos available on our Flickr page: Peaches & Peacharines

Description Image Preview Download Link
Stylized Shot 1    
Stylized Shot 2    
Stylized Shot 3    
Tree Shot 1    
Tree Shot 2    
Tree Shot 3    
Autumn Queen    
Autumn Queen 2    
Crimson Queen

Download Crimson Queen
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(1.7 MB)

Honey Queen    
Magenta Queen

Download Magenta Queen Photo
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(1.4 MB)

Queen Jewel

Download Queen Jewel
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(1.7 MB)

Ruby Queen    
Scarlet Queen

Download Scarlet Queen
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(2.1 MB)

Scarlet Queen 2    
Sunrise Queen