Meet Caleb Diepersloot

When did you start working at Kingsburg Orchards?

I began working at Kingsburg Orchards when I was very young. I don’t really remember the exact time in my life, but my dad would get me out there and show me the ropes.

Over the years, what process or technology do you think has been most helpful? Why?

I don’t quite know what has been most helpful because each different thing is so helpful in making things run smoothly that if you took out one thing it would slow the rest of the process down dramatically. Like it says in 1 Corinthians 12:15, everything is important to keep functionality.

What piece of fruit do you look forward to each year?

This is a difficult question because there are so many different types and flavors to choose from, but two of my favorites are the Black Velvet Apricot and any red flesh nectarine. They both have very distinct flavors and are so different from other types of fruit.

When you are not working on the ranch, what are you doing?

When I am not at work I enjoy swimming, playing volleyball with my cousins, boating with family, and hanging out with friends.

If you weren’t working here where else might you work?

I’m not sure where else I would work so much as I would change my major in college this next year to a business major rather than crop production management. I feel as though that would open up more jobs but Ag has been a huge part of my life so I couldn’t see myself getting out of it any time soon.

What is one of the most challenging things in farming?

Because this year is basically my first year getting into the growers position, I don’t really know too many of the problems yet, but what I have seen to be a major challenge is the unpredictable weather and the effects it can have on the trees and their fruit. With most problems, you can do something to fix them, but weather can change so often and can be so harsh that we are just at the mercy of God.

You have had multiple jobs on the ranch: what is your favorite and why?

I have started from the ground up, getting experience in each position, so that when I become a grower for our company I will know what needs to be done in the field and why. I have not yet reached the status of grower, but thats the next thing I will do. Thus far, I have enjoyed forklifting because the men I have worked with are so kind and the job is quite fun to do.

How is your current position different than your last?

In my latest position I have been given more responsibility and, frankly, better jobs to do. With my previous jobs, I could mess up and the problem could be easily fixed; but now that I have a better understanding of what needs to be done, I have received more crucial jobs that are less forgiving than the last. As the season goes on, my responsibility will increase.

What advice would you offer to someone starting in your position?

Listen to those who have more experience in that position because they know what to do or else they wouldn’t have that position in the first place. Most people assume they know more about it than those who are already there, but with experience comes more knowledge.