Meet Moses Avila

Written by Deb Ross

If you have called into our sales office and noticed new voices, it’s a sign people are moving up in the world! Moses Avila was promoted last season to salesman from his former position of assistant but this is just the most recent promotion in his long history with Kingsburg Orchards. Moses started in shipping during the season of 2000 as a tag puller and eventually moved up to shipping clerk; in 2009, he took the leap from shipping to the craziness of the sales office and is now on the receiving end of those phone calls from shipping at 1am. With his diverse experience, he is a great mentor to the newer assistants in the office. He is always willing to take time to help someone learn something new, solve an issue or offer a great explanation on how shipping works. A few words of advice that he has offered to the “newbies” are: work hard and put forth the effort to learn the business by being a sponge and asking as many questions as you need. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions!”

While Moses is a dedicated employee, he is also an accomplished and passionate athlete; whether it is football, running, softball or basketball, there isn’t a month you can catch Moses with downtime... well, with his speed, he’s hard to catch period. In 2007, Moses began playing in the Central Valley Football League, CVFL, as a cornerback and won the championship his first year! As a free safety in 2011, with the California Warriors who were ranked fifth in the nation by the Minor League Football Championship Series, he picked off a second cham-pionship and a second championship ring FULL of BLING! This year’s team is the Orosi Stars and with a solid 8-1 record, Moses has his eyes on ring number 3. Where he finds the time, boggles the mind, because he is also the captain and guard on the 6-0 Kingsburg Orchards Basketball team...

When you are an employee of Kingsburg Orchards, you are family - and with Moses that statement is more than accurate; he is one of about 15 relatives that work with the Jackson family. While his aunts and uncles trained Moses, he has trained his cousins and on Saturday mornings, he is training his own little assistant, Chloe, his 6 year old little red-haired beauty of a daughter. She is undoubtedly his biggest cheerleader and is often seen on the sidelines cheering for her daddy and telling him to “get it!” Moses is a very involved and proud daddy; he takes Chlo-dizzle, as we fondly refer to her, everywhere from the beach, to Universal Studios, to daddy/daughter donut day at school... if he can get away, he is with her. And she is the only person he will share his Velvet Series Apricots or Sugar Red Dino Pluots with - his favorites for his favorite date.