Happy Mother's Day!

In April, a video was posted on YouTube by American Greetings and Cardstore entitled “World’s Toughest Job.” It soon went viral. They had posted a fake job advert for a “Director of Operations” and interviewed people for the job via webcam. Responsibilities and requirements include: high stamina, heaving lifting, lots of standing, 135+ hours work week, no breaks, only eating after your associates, negotiation and interpersonal skills, a degree in medicine, finance and the culinary arts, the ability to stay up with the associates throughout the night and work in a chaotic environment, increased workload throughout the holidays, and the list goes on. Responses to this ranged from “Is that legal?” to “That’s inhumane!” Then the pay scale: Zero. Nada. No dinero. The grand reveal: the position described was that of a mother. Cue tears, thank-yous, and over 16,000,000+ views. If you’re on Twitter, you can also add to the list of the requirements using #WorldsToughestJob.

Some of the additions include waste management, financial coordinator, mechanic, personal shopper, therapist, financial backer, comedian, personal hygienist, financial advisor, time manager and productivity expert, crisis management, chief education officer, no sick days, chauffeur, motivational speaker, and many others.

I could certainly add so many more descriptors for my own mom - referee, florist, interior designer, gardner, laundress, wedding and event coordinator, photographer, nurse, farmer, baker, caretaker, the list goes on and on. And yes, she is a stay-at-home mom. My grandma, too, is one of these super-women. As are my aunts and cousins. And that one day a year that we specifically call out our thanks and appreciation for all that they do for us is quickly approaching (Sunday, May 11).

As with most holidays, our family has its traditions to uphold. Our ‘thing’ for special days (birthdays, Mother’s day, Father’s day) is breakfast in bed. Fresh brewed coffee, flowers on the tray, cards and presents, and some form of breakfast - normally featuring our fruit. Oatmeal with fresh fruit on top, Peach stuffed French toast, Nutella Velvet Apricot paninis, Greek yogurt parfaits, Peaches & Biscuits, Belgian waffles or pancakes with fresh fruit or fruit compote, toast & homemade jam… we’ve served up quite a selection over the years. Afternoons have been spent over at my grandparents, canoeing in the river by our house, tea parties, or doing something together as a family. This year will be extra-special as my mom celebrates her first year as a grandma-to-be and my brother and sister-in-law celebrate her first Mother's Day (baby arriving this November!).

So how do you celebrate the mother(s) in your life?

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