Meet Cody Lehman

Cody Lehman grew up near Burbank California where he worked for his family's construction company. He and Brittany Jackson got married in September of 2006 and Cody began working for his father-in-law Brent to learn the ropes of farming. This summer season will be his 7th season of growing fruit. I met with Cody to ask him a few questions at his home in Kingsburg about farming.

Q: Over the years what process or technologies do you think has been most helpful? Why?
A: The plant breeders have been the most helpful in the advancement of the fruit industry I’d say. They have created so many new and better varieties.

Q: What Piece of fruit do you look forward to each year?
A: The persimmon fruit, its off the hook

Q: When you are not working at the farm what are you doing?
A: Hanging out at the motorcycle track with my family. I also enjoy spending a lot of time playing with my son Stetson.

Q: If you weren’t working here where else might you work?
A: I would be working as a stunt performer in the motion picture industry.

Q: What is one of the most challenging things in farming?
A: One of the most challenging aspects of farming is managing the weed population.

Q: What advice would you offer to someone starting in your position?
A: Be patient

While talking with Cody it was interesting to see the balance he has created with farming and spending time with his family. When its time to work he works hard and when things slow down in the off season he likes to take surfing and hunting trips with friends and family.