Blossom Guide

If you have ever driven through the Central Valley in February and March, you will have seen acre after acre of gorgeous trees in bloom - a treat for the eyes, though not so lovely for your sinuses. This month we've put together a few infographics to help you sort out which types of trees you are looking at by identifying the blossoms. If you are in our area, mid-February to mid-March is a great time to take out your bike (or just drive your car) along the Blossom Trail. Our orchards are just to the south of the official trail, but you'll get a great overview of this beautiful season (and get to see orange blossoms and almond trees as well). Check it out at : Fresno County Blossom Trail

The bloom period is an important stage for our crops. Sunny days and moderately warm temperatures without too much fluxuation are ideal so that the bees will have plenty of time out of the hive, flitting from bloom to bloom, transferring pollen as they go. Low levels of pollination result in lower fruit set, and in turn, less fruit.