Apple Pear Brie Sandwich


1-2 Apple Pears
1 wedge of Brie Cheese
1 loaf of bread with a hearty crust, such as pugilese, ciabatta, French, or Italian


Slice the loaf of bread. For eating fresh, make thick slices then cut in half again. For paninis, make thinner slices.

Slice and core the Apple Pear. Layer on the bottom slice of bread.

Slice the brie cheese and layer over the Apple Pear.

Top with another slice of bread.

If eating the sandwich fresh, you are finished! If you prefer a panini, grill until toasted, and enjoy!


Want to kick it up a notch? Try adding one or more of the following: sliced turkey, toasted walnuts or pecans, chutney, arugula, pepper, red onion - fresh or grilled, rosemary, thyme, sage butter, honey mustard, prosciutto or cranberry sauce. 


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