Apriums & Apricots

Apricots are the first blushing, golden orbs that signal the beginning of summer and the stone fruit harvest. Their skin is soft and velvety and ranges from a pale yellow-orange to a rich tangerine color - occasionally with a sun-kissed pale blush, while the flesh usually is a vibrant shade of orange. Fresh apricots have a plentiful supply of vitamin C, beta-carotene, and fiber and are available from Kingsburg Orchards from May until August. 

Our Velvet Series Apricots are IS Apricots, or Inter-Specific Apricots. This means that they are in the Apricot family, but have been pollinated by plums. The first Velvet we developed was our Black Velvet Apricot. We were at once enamored with its honey-sweet golden flesh and striking velvety black skin. Our customers were disappointed with its limited 2-3 week availability each year, so we set to work seeing what other sister varieties we could propagate. We soon had enough varieties to have a Velvet available from May to the beginning of August. Each one has its own unique flavor and skin color, and is only available for a short period each summer - so if they're available in your area, be sure to try them all! 

But what exactly is an Aprium? Apriums are a hybrid between an apricot and a plum. There are three types of apricot-plum hybrids: aprium, plumcot, and pluot. Apriums are close to 75% apricot, 25% plum. They look, smell, and taste very much like an apricot, but they are juicier, have a slightly firmer texture, better transportability, and a longer shelf life that they gain from cross-pollinating with the hardier plum.

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Aprium Variety Types Availability
Honey Gold 4/25
Golden Sweet 4/28
Flavorella 5/11
Flavor Sweet 5/12
Bella Sweet 6/1
Brittany Gold 7/1
* Proprietary Varieties are shown in Bold Italics


Apricot Variety Types Availability
Diamond Cot 4/20
Poppy 4/25
Apache 4/30
Early Cot 4/30
Tasty Rich 5/4
Escort 5/10
Big Daddy 5/15
Wescot 5/16
Patterson 5/29
Robata 6/2
Coral 6/2
Queen Cot 6/6
Brittany Gold 7/1
Sunrise 7/28
* Proprietary Varieties are shown in Bold Italics


Velvet Series  Variety Types Availability
Red Velvet 5/14
Blue Velvet 5/28
Crimson Velvet 6/3
Gold Velvet 6/9
Black Velvet 6/10
Ruby Velvet 7/30
* Proprietary Varieties are shown in Bold Italics


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