Posted April 3, 2014

Posted April 3, 2014

The petals have dropped and green leaves unfurl across the valley floor as beneath their verdant shade, the delightful flavors of summer begin to grow.



Posted March 11, 2014
Posted April 17, 2014

If you have ever driven through the Central Valley in February and March, you will have seen acre after acre of gorgeous trees in bloom - a treat for the eyes, though not so lovely for your sinuses. This month we've put together a few infographics to help you sort out which types of trees you are looking at by identifying the blossoms. If you are in our area, mid-February to mid-March is a great time to take out your bike (or...

Posted February 19, 2014
Posted February 3, 2014

love \ˈləv\
: to feel great affection for (someone)
: to feel love for (someone)
: to feel romantic love for (someone)
: to like or desire (something) very much
: to take great pleasure in (something)
: to thrive in
: to hold dear
: warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion
: a beloved person

I could go on with the definition, but...

Posted January 4, 2014
Posted March 25, 2014

The Making of the Card

This year we chose to go with a Dynasty themed Christmas card: Duck Dynasty, that is. The Robertson family has been popping up a lot this year with everything thing from chia heads to talking Uncle Si dolls with glowing beards and...

Posted November 13, 2013

This year found us winging our team way across the country to the sultry streets of New Orleans. The booth setup went smoothly, all things considered, and we had the opportunity to try the renouned Café du Monde beignets before the opening day was (rather quickly) upon us. The show floor stretched out for over a mile with produce and floral industry...

Posted November 6, 2013

By association, it would be easy to assume that the Kiwi fruit originated in New Zealand, when in fact, this odd fruit originated in China. Actinidia Deliciosa is the Kiwi’s scientific name but it was also named Mihou Tao and Yang Tao, which means ‘sunny peach’. It wasn’t until the beginning of the 20th century that a missionary named Isabel Frasier brought the fruit from China to New Zealand after...

Posted October 29, 2013

Once again we were blown away by the creativity shown by our Dinolicious Display contest participants. Thanks for partnering with us to make produce fun! Selecting the winners is always such a tough decision for us, and we appreciate all of the hard work you've put in to make your store stand out and the floor space as well - we know many of you are putting out these fabulous displays with little room to spare!


Posted October 25, 2013
Posted October 23, 2013

Nashi. Li. Bae. Nashpati.Prunus pyrifolia. Prunus serotina. Asian Pear. Japanese Pear. Korean Pear. Sand Pear. Apple Pear. There are many names for the deliciously crisp and juicy pear that we grow here at Kingsburg Orchards. And we haven’t even touched on variety names yet. Many consumers are still just discovering this wonderful fruit, and it has been described...

Posted September 26, 2013
Posted October 9, 2013

Each year, a selection of our team members travel to the Produce Marketing Association's annual Fresh Summit Convention to meet with buyers, check out the latest in equipment & packaging, and network with the fantastic people who make up the produce world. I've asked each of this year's team members a few questions about themselves and Fresh Summit:

Posted September 30, 2013
Posted September 18, 2013

Simple Gifts

Tis the gift to be simple
Tis the gift to be free
Tis the gift to come down where you ought to be
And when we find ourselves in the place just right
It will be in the valley of love and delight

When true simplicity is gained
To bow and to bend, we shan’t be ashamed
To turn, turn will be our delight

Posted September 14, 2013

Established in 1737, the Prince Nursery of Flushing, New York were the first to advertise plums for sale. Prince Nursery is the earliest reference to European plums in America to date. Their scientific name is Prunus domestica. Luther Burbank wrote of plums in his fourth book about small fruits out of a series of twelve. Burbank was behind the propagation of many plum cultivars and wanted to make the fruit more...

Posted August 20, 2013

This month I’m going to introduce you to Jake. Jake’s my brother and he totally rocks. He’s focused, hard working, adventurous and head-over-heels in love with Kate, my soon to be sister-in-law (yay!). Farming is in his blood, and is not only his profession but also one of his hobbies. He collects different varieties of plumeria trees and grows vegetables in the backyard in the summer. We’re talking drip systems, espalier...