A Reason for Every Season: Fall

Fall in Central California is such a transitory season. Some years, back to school offers the cool crisp evenings that mark the coming winter; other years we have the “dog days”of summer with +90-100º days lingering into October. The bulk of our harvest wraps up in September, but that does not mean we’re out of the game by any means. White peaches are harvested into September, pluots through October, and plums in November. Not to mention our abundant Apple Pear harvest and our newer, more ‘exotic’ fruits such as kiwi, persimmons, and pomegranates.

The fields are a flurry of activity as well, with the remaining harvest, unproductive trees being pulled to make way for new trees that will be used to graft on our delicious new varieties, late season plantings, pruning trees to prepare them for their winter dormancy, and maintaining field and soil health.