Meet Brent J

Brent Jackson has been farming his whole life, from turkeys to row crops to stone fruit. Brent grew up in Kingsburg, California with his parents George and Colleen, his older brother Mike and his younger sister Susan. He attended Kingsburg High school where he played football and track when he wasn’t working on the farm.

Brent met Marlene Schnitzler sophomore year of high school and they were married in March of 1984. They have four daughters: Janelle, Brittany, Heidi, and Kristina – and 2 son-in-laws: Brody and Cody. Janelle and Brody have two children: Jace and Bailey; and Brittany and Cody have one child, Stetson. Brent’s favorite thing to do is to spend time with his family. He likes to fish with his grandchildren and has always coached his daughters’ sports teams. Brent has always made his family his number one priority.

Farming is another love of Brent’s - he truly enjoys what he does and is very good at it. White Nectarines are his favorite but he also farms plums, Pluots, peaches, cherries, Apriums, apricots, plumcots, flying saucers, peacharines, apples, and kiwis. While talking with Brent, I asked what he would be doing if he were not farming stone fruit. He said he would still be farming, but switch to row crops. Brent is a very kind person who everyone likes to be around. He is someone who you can tell was raised right with hard work ethic, love for his family and respect for his workers.



I bought some of your white peaches and they were GREAT!!

Last weekend was in Big Bear, Ca and found Flying Saucers at a Von's store. Fantastic peach. We couldn't eat them fast enough. Unfortunately, I live in north San Diego County and haven't found them here yet.

Hi Lori! This season you can find them in your area at Vons, Albertsons, Stater Brothers, and Northgate Markets. If the individual store you frequent from this list doesn't have them in stock, you can talk to your produce manager - they're typically happy to add in items when they know there is a demand for them. Glad you're enjoying them!

Last year I was at Brent and Robert Jackson's Organic U-Pick Cherry Farm. I must say that they are the sweetest cherries I have ever tasted. I met many people at the farm. For example, they were from anywhere from L. A./San Francisco to Germany. What an amazing tasting cherry. The Farm is open from May 5th for a couple short months. Make sure you are there - they even let you pick your own cherries at a much lower price per pound. The Farm is located on the corner of 99 freeway and Merritt Avenue in Traver, CA. This is a tasting experience you will never forget.

Good day Brent, I would like to know what is a flying saucers.

Hi Dave - The Flying Saucer is one of our white nectarine varieties.

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